Saturday, 25 March 2017

How Free Document Converter Software is useful for your office?

In today’s technological sphere, plenty of new software knock the door every single day. Some of them are taken hand in hand, and many of them get vanished very early in the market.  Free Document Converter Software is a kind of tool that has realized its need on the professional front for its quick file conversion and add-on features.

 It is easy to use because of its simple interface. Just drag and drop your document into the converter to convert it into multiple formats. These multiple formats can be pdf, text, doc, docx, html, ppt, jpg, rtf, png, xml, xls, tiff, etc. Besides, Free FileConverter Software’s OCR feature has also grabbed attention of office PC users.

Instead of retyping entire text from the image file, you can get benefit of its OCR feature that is used to extract text from the image file with high resolution and accuracy. Later, extracted text can be used for editing purposes too. It’s up to you and your needs. In addition, Word to PDFConverter also has a set of add-on features. This set includes Split PDF, Merge PDF, Lock and Unlock PDF.

In terms of security, PDF format stays as most preferred format. Thus, we provide word to PDF converter so that you can convert text documents into PDF format for sharing it with others. As non-editable format, it does not permit anyone to make changes on it. So, PC users can safely and confidently share their piece of information in PDF format to others. Hence, Akick Software invites you to get benefits of Free Document Converter Software features to improve on work productivity in your office.

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